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Hi Hun! I'm Tor, proud founder of Tori Fae Fitness and passionate girl-power advocate.


My career has taken me all over the world as a fitness instructor and presenter, and my journey with fitness has taught me to have gratitude for what our amazing bodies enable us to do.

In 2018, I took the leap to start my vision of a female-empowered, self-love focused brand of fitness and life-coaching, and Tori Fae Fitness was born. 


I've poured my experience into designing programmes and classes that will make you feel super fit with an uplifted mood, feelings of joy, feminine camaraderie and a genuine feeling of being a complete badass.

So what are you waiting for? Join the TFF Crowd and get a healthy dose of self-love and appreciation.




"Tori Fae Fitness champions empowerment and body positivity with a healthy dose of feminism.


My focus is to motivate everyone to feel joyful and uplifted through movement.


My aim is to nurture all clients to believe in themselves so they can live their best life."


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