Transform your life with a new weekly fitness routine with TFF Live. 


All you need is a Facebook account to enjoy live streaming of my Fitness Formulas + feel uplifted as we exercise together as an online TFF community. 


You'll become fitter, leaner + feel energised with every virtual dose of TFF. 



  • Get 3 doses of TFF in the  convenience of a private Facebook Group each week.

  • Receive a weekly dose of yoga stretches + core blast to complete in your own time.

  • Transform your fitness routine with incredible value of just £3.33 per class*.

  • Workout live with me + I'll guide you through every step, set + rep.

  • If you miss a workout, catch up in your own time with a the saved videos. 

*Based on average of 12 classes per month





    8.30am - 30 mins 

    On Monday it's the Strength Formula. Feel the burn with a glutes, abs, legs + arms workout. You'll feel strong + empowered.


    8.30am - 30 mins

    A high-intensity body weight training class designed to get you energised + leave you feeling sweaty + lean.


    8.30am - 40 mins

    Get read for the Everything Formula. Expect a jam-packed session of cardio, toning, mobility + express meditation.


Can't Commit? Pay Per Class



I'm pregnant, is TFF Live suitable for me?

I'm really sorry but at present, TFF Live is not suitable for pregnant women. Your safety is most important and I can't take the risk to mointor you sufficiently in a virtual group class. I'd be happy to help with online 1:1 training to create a suitable programme for you where I can soley focus on your every step, set and rep so please drop me a message if that's of interest for you.

I have a health condition, is TFF Live for me?

It really depends what your health condition is. To be safe, please make sure you contact me first and we can discuss.

What is your cancellation policy?

I'll be super sad to see you go, but you can cancel at any time and you'll have up to the end of your most recent direct debit payment left to enjoy TFF Live (and hopefully change your mind!)

To cancel, simply drop an email to + the cancellation will be processed for you.

How will the sessions be streamed?

Once you suscribe, you'll be invited to join my private TFF Live Facebook Group. Then simply join me at the specified times each day or catch up in your own time with the saved videos. You can also use the group as a forum to talk to me or any of my other TFF beauties!

Can I join late to a session that's already started?

Of course! But you should complete a short warm up first before attempting any of the main exercises. If you prefer, you can wait for the session to complete and you can start from the beginning.

How will I view a session that I've missed?

Each live session is saved as a video to the group so that you can watch it again until the following week's class.

My household is self-isolating, can other family members join me?

Exercise is a wonderful way to keep families bonded in these trying times so why not?! If you have little people joining you, these are the things you’ll need to keep an eye on to ensure they're exercising safely:

  • Longer breaks with enforced sips of water
  • Children overheat quicker so have them sit out an interval or two
  • As little ones grow, their joints can be less reliable so make sure they control their movement - it's really important that you need to keep a close eye on them
Or mama, if this is your 'me time', hold tight for the upcoming launch of TFF Minies - a dedicated Kids Fitness Formula.

What clothing or equipment will I need?

You should wear clothes that you feel free to move in and can keep you cool. If you're exercising on a hard floor, you may want a mat. Don't forget your water bottle to keep hydrated. Most of my workouts use bodyweights but occassionally you will need exercise bands and free weights. If you don't have weights, you should be able to complete the workouts using your body weight (but in these crazy times, feel free to substitute these for household items if you wish - points for the best substitute that can make us laugh!)

What information do you need from me?

When you complete the bookings process, you'll be asked to read my terms and conditions and Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q). Once you agree to the T&Cs you can check a box, and if you answer 'no' throughout the PAR-Q you can check a box too. If you have any queries with either of these documents, please contact me at first to ensure your suitability for TFF Live. You will also see links to the same forms for Ante-Natal and Post-Natal clients. If you are currently pregnant, I'm afraid this service isn't suitable for you. If you've recently had a baby, please get in touch with me to discuss your case before purchasing.


“I've been attending TFF for about 6 months and I absolutely adore Tori’s classes. She is inspirational, enthusiastic, motivating and her energy is infectious! The classes are a good way of meeting new people, maintaining fitness levels whilst having fun. I’m hooked!” 


—  Erica Hegg

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